Business Financials

Over a period of time, the company has earned a positive balance sheet on a modest scale of operation, however, management has been skillful in steering a very impressive turn around in its annual turnover in the past. Details of year wise turn over in Rs. Lacs of both companies and % age growth is given below:

Financial Year Turn Over
% Age Growth
2016-17 12783.41 112.10
2017-18 15248.48 19.28
2018-19 20490.92 34.38




Corporate Governance

The company has Board of Directors who direct the operations of the company and provide a beacon post for future road map. In order to ensure transparency and professional approach in managing the company's operations, it is supported by an Audit Committee which is directly reporting to the directors and a strong HR department to conceptualize, prepare & implement employee friendly human resources policies. There are strong checks & balances in designing the organisation structure which keeps an inherent checks & controls in fostering good Corporate Governance. Annual feed back of employees as well as business associates is taken to seek input which facilitate in bringing transparency in corporate governance by re-visiting, re-engineering and revising policy guidelines from time to time.