Company's Goal

Company is conducting business on professional lines with clear vision, mission, quality policy and core values evolved internally and are detailed below :


To be one of the leading EPC contracting companies with a strong manu CONTRACTING COMPANIES WITH A STRONG manufacturing base and emerge a favoured company to work.

  • To achieve excellence in engineering, develop reliable supply chain and pursue efficient construction management.
  • To build strong financial capacity that enhances works execution capability.
  • To upgrade in-house R & D and look for contemporary technologies that leverages continuous value addition.
  • To diversify business in related areas by strengthening forward & backward linkage.
  • To maintain healthy relation with business associates for timely project execution and quality product manufacturing.
  • To standardise our products & services for establishing a reliable brand.
  • To create working environment that encourages innovation, learning and develops harmonious relations among employees.
  • To promote responsible parenthood to enrich quality of life for lower end of pyramid.
Quality Policy

We are committed to provide projects, manufacturing services that meet or exceed our customer expectations.

Core Values
  • OWNERSHIP : We all must consider this company as if it is our own through deep commitment and sharing of knowledge & responsibilities.

  • UNITY : We must establish relations that are build on mutual trust, tolerance and unity among employees.

  • RESPECT : We must be caring and respectful to our colleagues, customers & business associates.

  • WORKMANSHIP : We must organise high quality of workmanship in our products & services.

  • COST CONSCIOUSNESS : We shall eliminate non-conformance of all forms from our business lines and inculcate this habit among employees.